Students and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method will find opportunities for deeping their understanding and supporting their professional growth in these pages. Over two decades of teaching Feldenkrais to the public as well as extensive involvement teaching within Feldenkrais Trainings enables me to offer you a wealth of knowledge for building a business and teaching meaningfully.

Kathryn Hume-Cook, Dedicated to excellence

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Certified FELDENKRAIS© Practitioner FVD and certified Assistant Trainer

I have been a Feldenkrais teacher since 1999. Based in Hamburg, Germany, I teach full-time, both in my own practice as well as within Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs within Europe. Join me in an Open ATM, an advanced seminar or a study group and let's continue this never-ending journey of discovery together.

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Weekly Open ATM online: Wednesdays 10am

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Open class for Feldenkrais students and teachers on Zoom

This class is taught in English (no translation). The sessions are 75 minutes each, so that we have some (optional) time for feedback & questions at the end. Pay-as-you-go for individual classes or buy a pack of 5 Sessions. Feel free to get in touch with me if Wednesday mornings don't work for you. I am happy to set up additional classes if there is enough interest.

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My Next Saturday class: 17th of July at 5pm

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Feldenkrais lessons in English with Spanish & Russian translation

I am honoured to be one of the presenters of the weekly ATM (Awareness Through Movement) classes taught online by various staff members of the Instituto Feldenkrais España. This international team of teachers also teach within the context of the Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs offered by the Insitute. These lessons are open to the general public from around the world.

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Advanced Workshop Series with Instituto Feldenkrais

Illustration Connection from roots to wings
Using Fascial Imagery in the Feldenkrais Method, begins this Autumn

This Advanced workshop series is divided into individual segments held once a month on weekends. New participants can enter any segment. In these workshops we will look at the way connective tissue create lines of transmission throughout the body and explore how this might inform and inspire us to observe, guide and think in new ways whilst teaching ATM & FI.

Segment 1: 21st/22nd August 2021
"Superficial Back Line"

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Public Workshop July "Enjoy your Jaw"

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Saturday 10th July 2021: 13:00-16:30
Sunday 11th July 2021: 09:30-13:00

This workshop is open to all interested parties, both with and without jaw-related issues. The jaw, tongue and mouth are intricately related to the functions of daily life, to balance, posture and well-being. Heightened awareness for the way you use your facial muscles, hold your head and coordinate your lips, throat and breathing will have a profound effect on your general sense of ease.

Online on Zoom
In collaboration with Instituto Feldenkrais

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Feldenkrais Strategies Advanced Workshop Series

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Back-to Back Weekend Workshops for each Strategy: Saturday ATM / Sunday FI

What exactly do we Feldenkrais teachers mean by "small"? How slow is "slow"? And how do we define "without effort"? In this series of Workshops we look at the meta strategies behind our teaching, both in ATM & FI. Rather than as "in betweens" we will make such instructions as "going slow" or "taking a break" the focus of the lesson itself.

Coming soon!
This series wil begin in 2022

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Individual Supervision & Coaching online/in-person

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Supporting your self-directed learning,
finding focus and orientiention

As an individual, you can arrange a consultation with me in order to work through questions about your practice - be they in terms of content, business skills or other. Talk through experiences and difficulties you have had with particular clients and situations. Ask questions about resources or suggestions for following up on significant learning moments for yourself. Prepare a particular lesson with my help. Private coaching and supervision can be done online or at my studio in Hamburg.

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Individual lessons in Functional Integration

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For Feldenkrais practitioners and students, either in person or online

No matter how many years we work as Feldenkrais practitioners ourselves, we remain human beings subject to all the ins and outs of life. Our journey continues with new discoveries and set backs. Just as for anyone, an FI lesson can help to gain new perspective, remind oursleves of our ability to self-regulate and re-find the elusive obvious. I will address your individual needs specifically and sensitively and use my competence and experience to offer the best possible framework for your lesson.

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Study Groups for students and graduates of FPTPs

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Developing professional competence as a Feldenkrais teacher in ATM & FI

Whether your group would like my support in-person or online, I am happy to come to an arrangement with you. We can find a customised format for your group to address the needs of the participants. I can offer both theoretical and practical supervision, space to continue developing your skills, and ideas as to how to build your practice. You can also book me for specific workshops or themes that your group would like to explore together.

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