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The content on this webpage represents my personal opinions and understanding. Despite having made every effort to confirm the accuracy of any information represented it may contain mistakes and/or omissions. This applies to intellectual content as well as to the announcement of dates and times of specific events, which are always subject to change.

In presentation of content I claim ownership for the creative and descripitive nature of my Feldenkrais offers, You may not re-use my descriptions without permission. All Feldenkrais lessons are based on an interpretation of original materials by Moshe Feldenkrais himself and of professional Feldenkrais teachers world wide. Choice of context and re-interpretation is always my own. Where I have been closely inspired by the work of others I have made every effort to reference and honour this.

As a Feldenkrais teacher, I am in no way a member of a medical profession. You use my site and my services at your own risk. Medical and psychological ailments of every kind should be cleared with professionals in those fields. I make no claim to healing or treatment of disorders. I use the Feldenkrais Method for educational purposes and offer people the opportunity for self-development through self-awareness. Thus my content is of informational nature only and does not represent professional advice. If you act on information from this website you do so at your own risk.

In the case of offers for students of Feldenkrais trainings I have made every effort to ensure that my offers do not conflict with the carefully structured development of your Professional Training Program. As an Assistant Trainer I am aware of many of the aspects of content and timing in your Training and tailor my offers to the best of my ability such, that there shall be no conflict with said content and timing. As a student in training you participate at your own discretion and with the awareness that extra-curricular participation may need to be cleared with your Educational Director.

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