Students and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method will find opportunities for deeping their understanding and supporting their professional growth in these pages. Over two decades of teaching Feldenkrais to the public as well as my involvement teaching within Feldenkrais Trainings enables me to offer you a wealth of knowledge for building a business and teaching meaningfully.

Kathryn Hume-Cook, Dedicated to excellence

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Certified FELDENKRAIS© Practitioner FVD and certified Assistant Trainer

Born 1968 in Melbourne, Australia, I have been a Feldenkrais teacher since 1999. Based in Hamburg, Germany, I teach full-time, both in my own practice as well as within Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs. I am passionate about learning and movement and this wonderful method never ceases to fascinate me as a means for growth and personal development.

We can find so many ways to explore freedom within ourselves. Which means autonomy, agency and authenticity. I love teaching Feldenkrais classes as a vehicle for exploring attuntement with onesself... Empowering you to embrace your shortcomings, live more of your potential, avow your dreams and harness your resources.

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Individual Supervision & Coaching online/in-person

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Supporting your self-directed learning,
finding focus and orientiention

As an individual, you can arrange a consultation with me in order to work through questions about your practice - be they in terms of content, business skills or other. Talk through experiences and difficulties you have had with particular clients and situations. Ask questions about resources or suggestions for following up on significant learning moments for yourself. Prepare a particular lesson with my help. Private coaching and supervision can be done online or at my studio in Hamburg.

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Advanced: Post-graduate FI Study-Group (online)

Advanced Workshop Series: Strategies and Structures for FIs that work

In this series of workshops we explore FI strategies and structures that are worth having in your repertoire. The focus is specifically on the functional patterns they relate to. A coherent FI structure, precision and clarity of intention grow from your functional understanding of the lesson. This understanding is deepened by your own experience of specific ATMs and related background knowledge. We will explore new variations and alternative strategies and identify when each FI might be useful. You will learn to actively engage your FI students in the learning process and achieve sustainable, effective FI results through intention rather than chance.

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Taught in English on Zoom

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Diaphragm, Space and Stability

Post-graduate FI Study-Group (online) Strategies and Structures for FI

Structural and functional interactions between diaphragm, iliopsoas, quadratus lumborum, transversus abdominis and more make for a great potential in the centre of the body: a potential for disturbances... and a potential for relief. Directly and indirectly we can address essential connections between breathing, alignment, internal stability and support. A great control centre where impulses inevitably distribute and influence each other.

Sat./Sun. 15th-16th April
10:00-12:30 & 13:30-16:00
on Zoom

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Getting to Know the Hip Joints

Post-graduate FI Study-Group (online) Strategies and Structures for FI

Clarifying the hip joints is one of the most fundamentally effective learning experiences you can offer your students. "Hip Joints Backwards" is a basic requirement for uprightness, relief of overworked back extensors, effortless sitting, easier standing and walking, and much more. On Saturday we will work in supine, with a roller behind the pelvis, on Sunday in prone, with a roller in front of the hip joints...

Sat./Sun. 26th/27th August
10:00-12:30 & 13:30-16:00
on Zoom

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Directing Forces through the Diagonals

Post-graduate FI Study-Group (online) Strategies and Structures for FI

This FI in supine has a clear structure, exploring diagonal connections by pushing and pulling through arms and legs, reaching into the spine and connecting to the chest and the pelvis. You can use it to address your students ability to mobilize, stabilize and support themselves over a standing leg, thus freeing the opposite arm for reaching or the opposite leg for walking.

Sat./Sun. 18th/19th November
10:00-12:30 & 13:30-16:00
on Zoom

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My Training as a Feldenkrais teacher with Mia Segal (Ubbergen 6 1995-1999) and subsequent "Crossover Process" under Roger Russell was accreditied by the European Training Accreditation Board (Euro-TAB).

As a Feldenkrais Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience I have received life-long competency certification as a member of the German Feldenkrais Profession Feldenkrais-Verbandes Deutschland e.V.

In 2018 I received my qualification as a certified Assistant Trainer from the German accreditation board D-TAB which allows me to teach in Professional Training Programs world wide.

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