Post-graduate FI Study-Group 2025

Making a lesson meaningful

This series of workshops is dedicated to deepening the art of Functional Integration. The human connection, and your ability to make your lesson meaningful to your student allows the magic of learning to happen.

Finding meaning is embedded in the choice of functional pattern you build your FI around and how you communicate with your student throughout.

A coherent FI structure, precision and clarity of intention grow from your functional understanding of a lesson. This understanding is deepened by your own experience of specific ATMs and related background knowledge. We will explore new variations and alternative strategies and identify when each FI might be useful, allowing you to create a bridge to someone's life and the things they really want to be able to do. You will learn to actively engage your FI students in the learning process, consolidate your knowledge and develop confidence around giving successful FIs.

There will be space to share your experience and reflection after practicing this way when we meet again.

The workshops will include :

  • Theoretical & practical background to a particular FI structure
  • ATMs illustrating the functional pattern of action
  • Reflection on the process of making a lesson a meaningful
  • FI demonstrations and self exploration
  • References to Moshe's work
  • Clarifications, Q & A, reflection, group discussion
  • Guided FIs & FI practice with clients
  • Strategies for learning vs. change

Open to graduates of Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs.
Organised by and in collaboration with Instituto Feldenkrais

"Diaphragm, Breathing Space and Stability": 11th/12th January 2025

Structural and functional interactions between diaphragm, iliopsoas, quadratus lumborum and transversus abdominis make for a great potential in the centre of the body: a potential for disturbances... and a potential for relief. We can address essential connections between breathing, alignment, internal stability and support both directly and indirectly. This core of connections is like a switchboard for change, where impulses inevitably distribute and influence each other.

This FI in side-lying is a wonderful "standard work" to have in your repertoire.


"Getting to Know the Hip Joints"

Clarifying the hip joints is one of the most fundamentally effective learning experiences you can offer your students. Westernised people, who often spend a lot of time sitting in chairs, benefit enormously from a new awareness of the role of the hip joints. "Hip Joints Backwards" is a basic requirement for uprightness, relief of overworked back extensors, effortless sitting, easier standing and walking, and much more....

On one day we will work in supine, with a roller behind the pelvis, on the other day in prone, with roller in front of the hip joints...


"Directing Forces through the Diagonals", 10th/11th Feb.

Exploring diagonal connections by compressing or lengthening through arms and legs allows us to reach into the pelvis, spine, chest and shouldergirdle. Helping your student to sense a clear transmission of force through the trunk can be useful for addressing  their ability to mobilize, stabilize and support themselves over a standing leg, thus freeing the opposite arm for reaching or the opposite leg for walking.

We will also look at ways to include active participation of your client. This helps learning to become accessible and reproducable.