Advanced Workshops for Feldenkrais Practitioners

Working with the Idea of Longitudinal Connections

Advanced Workshop Series with Kathryn Hume-Cook (online)

WORKING WITH THE IDEA OF LONGITUDINAL CONNECTIONS is an advanced workshop series for akkredited Feldenkrais Teachers, divided into individual segments held on weekends. In these workshops we explore the idea of using longitudinal imagey of specific functional and structural connections to enhance our understandng of the global coordination of movement. Segments are stand-alone and can be booked individually, but complement each other.

Next Segment 25th/26th June
This is an online course. All segments will happen live on Zoom.
Price: 210,00€ per Workshop (incl. VAT)
Language: English
Organiser: Instituto Feldenkrais España S.L.U.
More Information: Working with the Idea of Longitudinal Connections

Strategien und Strukturen für FIs, die Funktioneren

Advanced Workshop Reihe mit Kathryn Hume-Cook in Hamburg (auf Deutsch)

STRATEGIEN & STRUKTUREN FÜR FIS, DIE FUNKTIONIEREN ist ein Fortbildungsreihe für Feldenkrais Practitioner mit abgeschlossener Ausbildung. Sie findet im 2G Modell in Präsenz im Herbst 2022 in Hamburg statt. Die Segmente im Wochenend Format sind in sich abgeschlossen und können einzeln gebucht werden.

Veranstaltungsort: Zentrum für Bewegung und Wahrnehmung, Hamburg
Kosten: jeweils 285,-€ (inkl. 19% Ums.St.)
Unterrichtssprache: Deutsch
Mehr Information hier: Strategien und Strukturen für FIs, die Funktioneren

Your Carriage of the Head

Advanced Training with Jaime Polanco and Kathryn Hume-Cook in Madrid

YOUR CARRIAGE OF THE HEAD is a 4-Day Advanced Training for accredited Feldenkrais Teachers, including two Public Workshops on the weekend, led by Jaime Polanco, (Spain) and Kathryn Hume-Cook (Australia/Germany).

Join two of your favourite teachers in this special event, where you get two-for-the-price-of-one... and can experience the complementary nature of our teaching and knowledge. As colleagues, we both work in close collaboraton with Instituto Feldenkrais, as Assistant Trainers in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs as well as offering Post-Graduate seminars and many public classes and workshops for the Instituto. We are currently involved in various projects together, sharing a passion for learning... and facilitating learning.

Dates: Friday 2nd - Monday 5th December 2022
Fri. 12:30-17:30 / Sat.- Sun. 10:00-17:00 / Mon. 10:00-15:00
Public Workshops with FI Demonstrations: Sat/Sun 10:00-13:00
Seminar Location: "Espaciolapradera", P.º del Quince de Mayo 24, 28019 Madrid, Spain
Participation Fee: 400,- € (VAT-free) Recordings are included in the price
Language: the training will be taught in English and Spanish with translation by Camille Badaoui

Full details and registration information here: Your Carriage of the Head

The Organisation around the Midline

Advanced Training with Jaime Polanco (Spain) in Hamburg

THE ORGANISATION AROUND THE MIDLINE is a 5-Day Advanced Training for accredited Feldenkrais Teachers. I am delighted to host my colleague Jaime Polanco from the Instituto Feldenkrais, who is also the first Spanish Assistant Trainer, for this rare opportunity to experience his teaching live in Hamburg. The unique Functional Integration lesson he has developed reflects his deep understanding of our work and is both original and effective. Jaimes' background as a physiotherapist as well as his intense work in Feldenkrais Trainings allows him to teach with great clarity and a wealth of background knowledge.

Dates: 4th-8th January 2023
Venue: Raum für Meditation und Bewegung, Hamburg
Price: 535,50 € / Early Bird: 476,-€ (incl. 19% VAT) Recordings included
Language: English, with translation into German if neccessary
Full details and registration here: The Organisation around the Midline