The Organisation around the Midline

Advanced Workshop with Jaime Polanco Perez-Llantada (Spain) 8th-12th February 2023 in Hamburg

"THE MIDLINE" is an image, a concept and an experience, all at the same time.

Physically supported by specific structures along the body, it appears early in the embryonic stage, is essential to understanding the different phases of childhood development and is central to the complex activities that we perform as adults. Understanding how we organise ourselves around the midline can provide very powerful background knowledge in the practice of the Feldenkrais Method.

In this Advanced Training we will explore some relevant ATMs and their connection to an original and innovative FI scheme, which utilises the artificial floor in a unique, new way.

Throughout the days we will reflect on:

  • The importance of finding neutral
  • The organisation of axial rotation
  • The relationship between the eyes and the midline
  • The spine as structural support for the image of the midline
  • Movement pathways, direction and trajectory

This workshop will provide you with a fantastic addition to your repetoire and a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts, that can be applied to many other aspects of your work.

Jaime will also be available for indivdual Functional Integration lessons in the couple of days before and/or after the seminar. Please indicate your interest on the sign up form.

Jaime Polanco, Feldenkrais Practitioner & Assistant Trainer

Jaime Polanco is a graduate of the Madrid 1 Training and is also the first Spanish colleague to become an Assistant Trainer.

Licensed as a physiotherapist in 2002, Jaime also studied the "Muscle and Articulation Chains" GDS Method and the Bobath Concept. This background education informs his work as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and has contributed to his deep interest in movement, bio-mechanics, neuroscience and the unity of body, mind and human behavior.

Based in Madrid, Jaime works in his private practice with a diverse group of people and has a special interest in working with people with neurological challenges. He teaches Feldenkrais classes, seminars and introductory workshops across Spain and is an active board member as well as former president of the Spanish guild. In this role he has been involved in coordinating nationwide public events for the promotion of the Feldenkrais method.

Jaime has been invited by both public and private institutions and universities across Spain and abroad to give Feldenkrais classes and workshops. In 2018 he participated in the "Movement-is" congress, organised by the Harvard University Medical School, offering his workshop “Examining Cognition: illusionism, lateral thinking and the Feldenkrais Method“. He was a guest speaker at the national meeting of the Italian Feldenkrais Guild in Firenze in 2019. Also in 2019, he gave a lecture and interview during the Feldenkrias Summit and in 2022 was one of the ATM presenters during the online Congress "Move Better, Feel Better - Around the World in 48 hours", both events hosted by "Future Life Now".

Jaime has collaborated with the Instituto Feldenkrais for many years, working extensively within the Training Programs, where he is valued as a teacher for his clarity and precision.
Podcast interview with Jaime (en Espagñol)

Organisation: Kathryn Hume-Cook

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I am delighted to host my collegaue Jaime Polanco, Assistant Trainer from Spain, for this rare opportunity to experience his teaching live in Hamburg.

The unique Functional Integration lesson he has developed reflects his deep understanding of our work and is both original and effective. Jaimes' long involvement with people, movement and neurology, as well as his intensive work in Feldenkrais trainings, allow him to teach with great clarity and a wealth of background knowledge.

I have experienced Jaimes' work in many different settings and value his way of teaching highly. His work will speak both to new practitioners because of its clarity, as well as to very advanced practitioners because of his novel content.

Jaime will teach in English, but I can provide clarifications in German for those who need it.

Feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail to if you have any further questions. I will also be coordinating appointments for FIs with Jaime.

Overview and Registration details

THE ORGANISATION AROUND THE MIDLINE is a 5-Day Advanced Training for accredited Feldenkrais Practitioners with Jaime Polanco, (Spain).

Dates: Wednesday 8th - Sunday 12th February 2023
Wed. 12:30-17:30 / Thurs.- Sat. 10:00-17:00 / Sun. 10:00-13:00
Seminar Location: "Raum für Meditation und Bewegung", Rutschbahn 11, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
Participation Fee: 535,50 € (We offer 50,-€ discount if you can bring a table)
Recordings are included in the price

Language: the training will be taught in English with translation if needed

Organiser: Kathryn Hume-Cook,

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Venue and materials

"Raum für Meditation und Bewegung" | Rutschbahn 11A | 20146 Hamburg

This beautiful seminar room is located in a quiet inner courtyard in the lively Grindel district of Hamburg. The district is easily reached by public transport and centrally located. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby, as well as the large city park "Planten un Blomen". Hamburg offers many forms of accomodation for different budgets and of course this beautiful city also offers many tourist attractions that are worth your time.

Mats, blankets and cushions are sufficiently available at the venue. Please bring rollers and head cushions if possible, and a small cloth to use for your face. We will provide a small discount for those of you who can bring a table. Please get in touch with us about this as tables will be essential for this FI. For those of you bringing tables: it is possible to drive into the courtyard for the purpose of delivering and picking up tables, but you will need to park elsewhere.

Advanced Training with Jaime Polanco

I hereby register for the following workshop:

"The Organisation around the Midline"
Advanced Training with Jaime Polanco,
eldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer (Spain)
Wednesday to Sunday, 8th-12th February

Wed. 12:30-17:30 / Thurs.-Sat. 10:00-17:00 / Sun. 10:00-13:00
Venue: "Raum für Meditation und Bewegung",
Rutschbahn 11, 20146 Hamburg
Price: 535,50€ (Incl. 19% VAT = 85,50€)
abzgl. 50,-€ falls Du eine Liege mitbringen kannst
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