Working with the Idea of Fascial Connections

Advanced Workshop Series in collaboration with Instituto Feldenkrais

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WORKING WITH THE IDEA OF FASCIAL CONNECTIONS is an advanced workshop series, divided into individual segments held once a month on weekends.
Each segment takes place Saturday 9:30-12:00 CET and Sunday 13:00-15:30 CET
All segments will happen live on Zoom.
Participation Fee: 200,00€ per Workshop (incl. VAT)
The registration fee includes 3-week access to the recordings of the workshop.
Language of the Seminar: English with Spanish translation

Organizer: Instituto Feldenkrais España S.L.U.
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About the idea of the FASCIAL CONNECTIONS Workshops

In Feldenkrais lessons we use many wonderful tools to help people rediscover connections within themselves and to find ways of sensing the synergy of movement-planning and movement-action. Using images to enhance our students’ awareness of relationships and coherence is one of those techniques. I have found that thinking about fascial pathways along the length of the body can provide an integrative and accessible tool for sensing the coordination of well-distributed action.

In these workshops we will look at the way connective tissue can be seen as creating lines of transmission throughout the body. The elasticity of the fascial membranes and their tendency to overlie and overlap other structures allows a different way of interpreting the global coordination of movement.

In ATM we will explore how this might give us, as teachers, an additional way of observing our students and new cues to offer. It might deepen our understanding of what we are doing and allow us to recognize that Feldenkrais himself had an intuitive understanding of these connections. We will also play with the idea of offering these images to our own students as a tool for sensing themselves differently or becoming aware of patterns of thought that are less connected.

In FI demonstrations I will offer suggestions for addressing specific pathways. We can use this as an “inward tool” in the back of our minds to inform the way we are thinking, sensing and observing our student. And we can also use this as an idea for creating a specific, coherent lesson map.

In this online format we will ask you to invite someone to come at specific times so that you can explore these ideas whilst working with them. This will most likely be from 14:00-15:00 on both days, but we will confirm the times with you closer to the date of each workshop.

The structure of this advanced training series

WORKING WITH THE IDEA OF FASCIAL CONNECTIONS is an advanced workshop, divided into individual segments held once a month on weekends. New participants can enter any segment. The segments do relate to each other and are offered in logical sequence; however, each segment is complete in itself and it is not a problem if you have to miss one. Of course, you can always sign up anyway and use the recordings to „fill the gaps “. This is also the case if you are not able to have someone there for the practice sessions.

The segments are designed specifically for Feldenkrais teachers who want to:

  • Play with new ideas to enhance their teaching of ATM
  • Find an easy way to observe connections in their students when teaching
  • Give their FI work new depth and meaning
  • Adapt their lessons and their thinking to take the idea of fascial connections into consideration

In the first four segments we will look at connections along the back, the front, and the sides of the body, as well as spiraling connections which wrap around us.

In segments 5,6 & 7 (planned for 2022) we will explore the way our arms connect into our body, the functional relationship between arms and legs, and the deep supportiveness of our inner core.


Segment 1: 30th/31st October 2021
"Superficial Back Line"

Segment 2: 20th/21st November 2021
"Superficial Front Line"

Segment 3: 29th/30th January 2022
"Lateral Line"

Segment 4: 26th/27th February 2022
"Spiral Line"

Segments 5, 6, and 7 will be planned for later in 2022

Sign up here: Working with the Idea of Fascial Connections