Your Carriage of the Head

Advanced Workshop with Jaime Polanco & Kathryn Hume-Cook 2nd-5th December 2022 in Madrid


This four-day advanced training for accredited Feldenkrais practitioners is special in many ways.

We will work with a new approach to a familiar topic: the way the head is supported at the top of the spine. The relationship with gravity, the orientation of the teleceptors as a biological necessity, the efficient use of the spine or finding neutral are central ideas in the Feldenkrais Method which we will address in our unique way of teaching. As active human beings, our life consists of moving through space in order to act, react and interact with our environment and other human beings, so that we can see the organisation of the head in space as one of the most central elements of well-organised movement.

We will share the mornings with people who are not Feldenkrais practitioners, which adds something essential: how our clients feel about our work. It will be important to listen to their experience and their questions. The afternoons will be reserved for working alone among colleagues, giving importance to the development of the FI.

Why "Your" Carriage of the Head? In many of his books and teachings, Moshe Feldenkrais speaks about differentiation by inviting us to reflect on the difference between what one would expect from an "ideal" person ["an ideal nervous system and skeleton"], who has lived in an ideal way in an ideal environment, compared to the reality of each of our lives, with our heritage, education and our habits. We will work knowing that each person differs from what we consider ideal, listening to what makes them different from others. That is why we consider it important to share part of the workshop with the public and hear about their direct experience with the lessons. On Saturday and Sunday we will use the strategies we are teaching to give an FI-lesson to a member of the public and demonstrate how we adapt the work to the person in the present moment.

Both Kathryn and Jaime will be available for indivdual Functional Integration lessons in the days before and/or after as well as during the seminar. Please indicate your interest on the sign up form.

Jaime Polanco (Spain), & Kathryn Hume-Cook (Australia/Germany)

Join two of your favourite teachers in this special event, where you get two-for-the-price-of-one... and can experience the complementary nature of our teaching and knowledge.

Jaime and Kathryn are both Assistant Trainers and work with the Instituto Feldenkrais within various Professional Training Programs and post-graduate trainings, as well as in their own practices giving FI sessions, regular ATM lessons, seminars and workshops.

They maintain a close collaboration and constant dialogue and both bring a passion for learning... and facilitating learning... to their work.

Jaime Polanco, whose private practice is based in Madrid, is a graduate of the Madrid 1 Training (2010-2014) and, since 2020, the first Spanish Assistant Trainer. In addition to his physiotherapy degree from 2002, Jaime also studied the "Muscle and Articulation Chains" GDS Method and the Bobath Concept.

This background education informs his work as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and has contributed to his deep interest in movement, bio-mechanics, neuroscience and the unity of body, mind and human behavior. Jaime has been invited by both public and private institutions and universities across Spain and abroad to give Feldenkrais classes and workshops, and has a special interest in working with people with neurological challenges.

Kathryn Hume-Cook is an expat-Australian who has been living and teaching in Hamburg, Germany, since 1987. She danced professionally for 5 years and spent a further 10 years running a ballet school in addition to teaching adult dance classes, pilates, and Feldenkrais.

Kathryn graduated her original Feldenkrais Training with Mia Segal in 1999 and has worked full-time as a Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2003. Dedicated to excellence, she has a busy practice in Hamburg and has been an Assistant Trainer since 2018. She and is deeply inspired and fascinated by the human potential for growth and learning. Her teaching focuses on empowering you to embrace your shortcomings, live more of your potential and harness your resources.

Open Classes and FI-Demonstrations with members of the public

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As part of our concept, we will be offering two Mini-Workshops for the public embedded in our Advanced Training format. From 10:00 till 12:30 on Saturday and Sunday we will teach the same kinds of ideas to the public. With your background knowledge you will be able to:

  • Experience the way we present this kind of material to the public
  • Analyse the lessons, concepts and interventions with us in the afternoon
  • Observe the way we communicate during an FI
  • Appreciate the way we adapt the material to the individual

We will also be facilitating structures for you to work and discuss with these particpants yourself, giving you the chance to network, practice new skills and listen to feedback.

Overview and Registration

YOUR CARRIAGE OF THE HEAD is a 4-Day Advanced Training for accredited Feldenkrais Practitioners including two Public Workshops on the weekend, led by Jaime Polanco, (Spain) and Kathryn Hume-Cook (Australia/Gernany).

Dates: Friday 2nd - Monday 5th December 2022
Fri. 12:30-17:30 / Sat.- Sun. 10:00-17:00 / Mon. 10:00-15:00
Public Workshops with FI Demontrations: Sat/Sun 10:00-13:00
Seminar Location: "Espaciolapradera", P.º del Quince de Mayo 24, 28019 Madrid, Spain
Participation Fee: 400,- € (VAT-free) Recordings are included in the price
Language: the training will be taught in English and Spanish with translation by Camille Badaoui

Organiser: Jaime Polanco,

Pre-registration now open - contact Jaime at the e-mail above.
Sign-up form will be available soon on Jaimes' website

Venue and materials

"Espaciolapradera" | P.º del Quince de Mayo 24, | 28019 Madrid, Spain

"The meadow" is a spacious, welcoming and bright location that hosts all kinds of activities related to art, culture, personal growth and wellbeing. Located bordering on the district of Arguenzuela, it is close to the river and parks, and is easily accessible via public transport (metro station Marqués de Vadillo).

Combine participating in our workshop with your holdidays around Constitution Day (6th of December)... an added bonus to enhance your stay with colour, life, a beautiful display of city lights and Christmas Markets.

Mats, blankets and cushions are sufficiently available at the venue. Please bring rollers and head cushions if possible, and a small cloth to use for your face. We will provide a small discount for those of you who can bring a table, please get in touch with us about this as tables will be essential for this FI.