Feldenkrais Strategies Series

Facilitating learning in ATM & FI

"Make the movements small, slow and without effort".... Many of us offer this suggestion as an introduction to the method or the class... and keep hinting at these ideas throughout a lesson. But what exactly do we Feldenkrais teachers mean by "small"? How slow is "slow"? And how do we define "without effort"?

We may find ourselves repeating such words but observing no change in the way our students are treating themselves. So how can we create an understanding of the true worth of the reasoning and attitude behind this way of moving and sensing onesself? How can we create a space in which our students may begin to "listen with a different ear" and question their inner understanding of such words? Inevitably, people will encounter their deepest beliefs about themselves and "how to go about something".

In this series of Workshops we look at the meta strategies behind our teaching, both in ATM & FI. Rather than as "in betweens" we will make such instructions as "going slow" or "taking a break" the focus of the lesson itself. We will analyse the principles behind them and why they work. We will also talk about common triggers, associations and misconceptions that might come up for students and how you might frame things in such a way that your students become more able to follow your invitation. Just saying "go slow" is not going to work... so how DO we help our students to get more out of their Feldenkrais lesson?


Feldenkrais Strategies Series

Each Strategy will be presented as a Back-to-Back weekend Workshop, Saturday ATM & Sunday FI. For each theme you have full flexibility to choose ATM/FI or both.

There is magic in every beginning Coming soon

Still waters run deep Coming soon

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow Coming soon

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet Coming soon

Keeping your options open Coming soon

Catching your breath Coming soon

In the twinkling of an eye Coming soon

Lets pretend Coming soon

Like to do this series face to face?

Once the general situation allows I will be presenting this series regularly in Hamburg.
If you are a group of students or practitioners who are keen to bring these Advanced Workshops to your home town I am happy to come to an arrangement with you. Please get in touch via email to kathryn@feldenkrais-hume-cook.de