"Your" Carriage of the Head

Public Workshop online 3rd/4th December 2022

Your choice of Saturday and/or Sunday morning

On the subject of tension on the neck, Moshe Feldenkrais writes:

"Tension manifests as an inner understanding of the inability to act adequately... undue haste and effort cannot make up for skill: there remains a sense of doubt about the ability to cope with a situation. In these cases, the intention to succeed is stronger than the ability to perform the action. A person who is highly critical of himself feels this inner tension and knows that something is wrong, but cannot identify the problem. When he learns to identify parasitic tension, he regains conscious mastery over himself and spontaneity is re-established."

Behind tension and pains lie the demands and the fear of failure. This mechanism manifests itself especially in stiffness of the neck and tension in the muscles which support the head. Regaining the ability to act and control one's own movements restores freedom and mobility.

This December, my colleague and fellow Assistant Trainer Jaime Polanco and I are offering a joint workshop online, in which we will offer you the possibility to explore how to restore this freedom.

In collaboration with Jaime Polanco

The workshop will have a back-to-back format on Saturday and Sunday morning, where you have the choice to participate only on Saturday, only on Sunday, or on both days. The Sunday will be a continuation of the Saturday, but each half of the workshop is self-contained.

Jaime and I will each teach one lesson on both days. And there will be time to reflect and share your experience in between. I will teach in English, Jaime in Spanish and we have a fantastic translator, Camille Badaoui, who will translate back and forth.

Jaime is a colleague whose teaching is very special. I really recommend this event, as the two of us have thought deeply about this subject matter and will share a lot of our understanding on this weekend. If I myself was a participant, Jaime would be my first choice of teacher :-9 So to all who appreciate my teaching I would really like to say: if you trust my judgement, then don't miss this opportunity!

(And here's some pre-infomation for those of you who live in Hamburg: Jaime is coming to Hamburg next year in February and I will be setting up the possibilty for members of the public to receive FI lessons from him when here - again, an experience you don't want to miss! So the workshop above is a great opportunity to get to know him).


Dates and Times

Saturday 3rd of December 2022 and/or Sunday 4th of December 2022
The workshop will take place 10:00-12:30 CET online via Go-To Meetings

Participation Fee: 20,-€ (one day) or 35,-€ (both days)
The registration fee includes access to the recordings of the workshop.
Language of the Seminar: English and Spanish with translation
Organiser: Jaime Polanco (info@vivirenmovimiento.com)

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Public Workshop (online) - "Your Carriage of the Head"