Study Groups

Developing your professional competence

As a key to your professional development, I am happy to support you during or after your Feldenkrais Teacher Training.

If your study group needs someone to accompany and frame the shared process during your Training I will carefully structure my offer to comply with Training guidelines. With appropriate information, reflection and revision, we will explore professional questions and topics relevant to your last segment together.

Post graduation, you may be looking for deeper understanding of content or need support in structuring your beginning practices. I can offer both theoretical and practical supervision, space to continuing developing your skills, and ideas as to how to build your practice.

You can also book me for specific workshops or themes that your group would like to explore together. In workshop formats that focus specifically on teaching ATM, I offer you effective strategies to build successful ATM series and find workshop formats that resonate with your participants. In workshops that focus on FI-skills, I show you simple tools that you can use to offer successful FI lessons and leave people eager to continue their journey of discovery with you.


How to book me

Whether your group would like my support in-person or online, I am happy to come to an arrangment with you. We can find a customised format for your group that I can lead or facilitate.

For online study groups my hourly rate is €80 (incl. VAT). This can be split according to the number of participants. In this format I work with small groups of 2 to 8 participants.

For in-person study groups there may be additional costs or rebates based on frequency and timing of the study group, room rental and travel time. I am happy to work out a package deal with a spokesperson for the group.

If you would like to organise and host one of my advanced trainings feel free to get in touch and ask about terms and conditions. Once we have hopefully gone back to "normal" post-corona I am happy to travel. Be it a different city or country: if we can find a way to combine travel so that the offer is feasible for all I am happy to work with you.

Please always contact me via email to I will get back to you as soon as possible.