Professional Training Programs

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If you are considering signing up for a Feldenkrais training there are many things to take into account.

A professional Feldenkrais Training is governed by international agreements which regulate the curriculum, qualifications of the teachers, length and scope of the training, ethical considerations and more. As any professional Feldenkrais training will expose you to a minimum number of different teachers, you will experience different teaching styles and opinions whichever Training you choose.

Thus the deciding factors as to which Training to sign up for might have more to do with the format of the specific training or the city in which it is held. Is it important for you to be in your home city? Or can you combine your training with visiting family or enjoying a different city? It can be very helpful to spend your training days removed from the responsibilites and commitments of home. As you will probably need to use all or most of your leave for attending the training in the next few years it might be an idea to choose a city that you would love to spend more time in.

Another consideration is the format of the Training. All Trainings have the same total number of Training days but these may be offered in in 2 blocks of 20 days each, 4 blocks of 10 days each, or 8 blocks of 5 days each for example. How you can best combine your Training with your work and home-life may be a major deciding factor. Of course, affordable accomodation and travel costs will also play a role.

You do not have to do your Training within your own country, as the qualification you will receive is recognised internationally.

You can find links to recognised Professional Training Programs around the world through our governing bodies:

NATAB (North American Training Accreditation Board)
EUROTAB (European Training Accreditation Board)
AUSTAB (Australasian Training Accreditation Board)
DTAB (German Training Accreditation Board)