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After 81 weeks of Saturday classes this long run of weekly ATMs will come to an end with a final lesson, taught by my humble self, on the 18th of December.

Through most of the pandemic, the 5 o'clock Saturday classes online at Instituto Feldenkrais have been a well-loved event for a total of more than 800 international participants. Members of the public, students of Feldenkrais Trainings and Feldenkrais Teachers alike have enjoyed some unique and special lessons, taught by a different member of our international team each week.

A total of 13 different Trainers and Assistant Trainers from our professional Training programs have taken turns sharing the depth of their knowledge and understanding, creating beautiful exploratory lessons covering a wide range of themes. 10 different translators have also taken turns, translating from English to Spanish, Spanish to English or hosting the russian channel parallel to the other translations.

I am very honoured to teach this final lesson just before christmas and look forward to seeing many of your familiar faces.  If you would like to enjoy one last Saturday class with me this year, come and join me on the 18th of December @17:00 CET with Instituto Feldenkrais.

I will be teaching AY #266 "Crossing knees and coordinated eye movements". A smooth, continuous movement of the eyes affects the involvement of the ribs, of individual vertebrae and of the whole spine in a twisting movement. In this classic constellation with one leg crossed over the other in supine: "The spine and chest are made flexible in a particular place and [this also] separates the movement of the lower vertebrae from the upper vertebrae." (Moshe Feldenkrais)

I find using the eyes to guide attention and focus awareness on specific aspects of the movement ingenious. Leading with one or the other eye affects coordination, timing, distribution and quality of movement in fascinating ways.

What better way to "look forward" to 2022...

Saturday 18th of December at 17:00 (CET) on ZOOM (The Saturday classes will then take a long break until September 2022).
Taught in English with synchronous Spanish & Russian translation

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